Data Science & Law Forum 3.0

The Netherlands

13 April 2021

Envision AI workshops are one part of the implementation effort for the Microsoft Responsible AI Standard. In this session, we aim to provide policymakers with a practical experience of how we think through responsible AI problems with our product teams. The session will be highly interactive and discussion-based, as we cover how Microsoft is evolving the mindset of our product teams to ask difficult questions and the rules that we have developed to enact our AI principles.

Over the past few years, principles around developing AI responsibly have proliferated and, for the most part, there is overwhelming agreement on the need to prioritize issues like transparency, fairness, accountability, privacy, and security. Yet, while principles are necessary, having them alone is not enough. The hard and essential work begins when you endeavor to turn those principles into practices.

In this keynote, Natasha Crampton, Microsoft’s Chief Responsible AI officer, will share insights about the building blocks that are the basis for Microsoft’s responsible AI program. More specifically, the journey in our effort to operationalize our AI ethical principles into practice. Natasha Crampton’s recent published blog has been the inspiration behind the topic of this year’s Data Science and Law Forum and her keynote will set the scene for all the other inside-out sessions that will take place over the course of this event.

Responsible development and deployment of Artificial Intelligence can only occur with a solid understanding of all aspects the impact of an application has. Due to early insight into both desired and undesirable effects of an application, many issues can be solved during the design phase. To identify all aspects of an application, organizations conduct impact assessments to enable successful AI deployment. Principles and frameworks can provide direction, but identifying and solving issues requires more.
In this panel, participants from different Dutch private and public organizations alike will discuss their experiences in organizing and conducting impact assessments when using AI/algorithms. We will discuss how impact assessments are addressed, what role they have in the development/implementation process, and what the most important insights are to achieve the best results in practice.

Joas van Ham, Senior Consultant in Responsible Tech, Considerati

Joris Krijger, Ethics & AI specialist, de Volksbank
Daniël Tijink, Board Member Strategy, Development, Healthcare and Ethics, ECP
Ivonne Jansen Dings, Strategic Advisor Technology and Society, Province Zuid-Holland

Speakers include

Natasha Crampton 600

Natasha Crampton

Chief Responsible AI Officer, Microsoft


Joris Krijger

Ethics & AI specialist, de Volksbank

daniel tijink

Daniël Tijink

Board Member Strategy, Development, Healthcare and Ethics, ECP


Ivonne Jansen Dings

Strategic Advisor Technology and Society, Province Zuid-Holland

Joas van Ham [2]

Joas van Ham

Senior Consultant in Responsible Tech, Considerati


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