Data Science & Law Forum 3.0


20 April 2021

Envision AI workshops are one part of the implementation effort for the Microsoft Responsible AI Standard. In this session, we aim to provide policymakers with a practical experience of how we think through responsible AI problems with our product teams. The session will be highly interactive and discussion-based, as we cover how Microsoft is evolving the mindset of our product teams to ask difficult questions and the rules that we have developed to enact our AI principles.

People play a central role in the machine learning life cycle. Consequently, building machine learning systems that are reliable, trustworthy, and fair requires that relevant stakeholders—including developers, users, and the people affected by these systems—have at least a basic understanding of how they work. Yet what makes a system “intelligible” is difficult to pin down. Intelligibility is a fundamentally human-centered concept that lacks a one-size-fits-all solution. I will explore the importance of evaluating methods for achieving intelligibility in context with relevant stakeholders, ways of empirically testing whether intelligibility techniques achieve their goals, and why we should expand our concept of intelligibility beyond machine learning models to other aspects of machine learning systems, such as datasets and performance metrics.

Across every industry, organizations are looking to AI to adapt, evolve, and innovate in these unprecedented times. Join us as we explore responsible and transparent innovation in practice and implications for technical and business leaders.

Manuel Dias, National Technology Officer, Microsoft Portugal

Pedro Bizarro, Co-founder and Chief Science Officer, Feedzai
Maria Manuel Leitao Marques, Member, European Parliament
Arlindo Oliveira, Author and University Professor

Speakers include


Jenn Wortman Vaughan

Sr. Principal Researcher, Microsoft Research

pedro bizzaroo

Pedro Bizarro

Co-founder and Chief Science Officer, Feedzai


Maria Manuel Leitão Marques

Member of the European Parliament


Arlindo Oliveira

Author and University Professor


Manuel Dias

National Technology Officer, Microsoft Portugal


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